Educational toys for young minds: top picks revealed

As an ex-teacher I'm constantly asked about which toys and games help kids explore and learn about new subjects. After all, educational play is essential for a child's development. It not only prepares young minds for academic challenges but also fosters confidence and enhances their social skills.

So whether your child is enrolled in school or simply eager to explore new subjects, here are some of the top-selling educational games and toys that can bring fun and learning together:

1. Go Genius Maths:
This board game is designed to make math fun and engaging, helping children improve their knowledge of numbers and arithmetic.

2. Go Genius Science:
Encourage your child to explore the world of science with this educational board game that covers various scientific concepts in an interactive way.

3. Go Genius World:
This inspiring board game is a great tool for expanding children's knowledge of geography, different cultures, and our planet.

4. Go Genius English:
Learning English can be enjoyable with this entertaining board game that makes language learning an interactive experience.

5. Make Your Own FM Radio:
This kit has everything needed to build a working radio, allowing kids to explore the principles of electronics and broadcasting.

6. Make Your Own Circuit Kit:
Children can power a flying disc, a bell, and a cooling fan while learning about circuits and electricity.

7. Magnetism Kit:
With this kit, kids can conduct fascinating experiments and create a levitator, gaining a hands-on understanding of magnetism.

8. Atomic Slime Lab Kit:
This kit allows kids to create their own brain balls and learn about molecules and matter while having a gooey, tactile experience.

9. High Bounce Ball Kit:
Children can unleash their creativity and scientific curiosity by creating 16 metallic, neon, and glow-in-the-dark balls in various shapes.

10. Clone your hand kit:
Who wants to clone their hand? The entire under-14 age group, that’s who. This kit appeals to the natural curiosity of children and provides an intriguing and fun learning experience.

Have fun! If you have any questions about which educational toy or game is right for your child, please pop into our store at 42 Vincent Street, Daylesford or email us at