About our store



Why did the variety store cross the road?

We don’t know either, but "you’ll' cross the road when you see all the goodies we have in-store!

Welcome to Daylesford Trading Co.!

We’re a small family run retail store located in Daylesford (Australia). We're all about fun, quality, value and the love of a classic 80s pop tune.

Step inside our 42 Vincent Street store in Daylesford or shop online to discover a unique range of beautiful and eclectic goodies and wares from Daylesford and around the globe that you won’t find anywhere else.

We stock board games, educational toys, kids’ books, homewares, décor, gift ideas, stationery, treats and local wares from Daylesford and more – with something new coming every week. This is the Daylesford shop of shops!

We’ve got something for everyone; whether you need a housewarming gift that won’t break the bank, board games for a rainy day, sustainable picnic supplies, educational toys, a book to keep the kids occupied or anything else in between – we are sure to have something to surprise and delight.

Come and find us in beautiful downtown Daylesford or online.

We’re not your typical variety store!

Daylesford Trading Co by artist Brian Nash.


Gary Grach loves Daylesford shops and to chat. Since he was nine years old he’s dreamed retail, and of finding great value makers, products and brands that he knows everyone will enjoy. Gary is sure you’ll love his hidden gems, new makers and even free gift wrapping (if you ask nicely)!

“I saw a need for great value shopping experiences, and to showcase some of the incredible products and makers we have in the region, who don’t make it into the bigger stores. Plus, there might be a bit of Kylie playing if you’re lucky."

Seb loves fun. His vision with Gary was to create a fun, family friendly and well priced experience that leaves you with a smile. He is happy to dance (at any point of the night and day), walk you through the regional tips and global finds.

"There are no Prue and Trudes here. We think shopping should be fun, kid-friendly, and be accessible to everyone. We also celebrate the magic of Daylesford and supporting the local community. I think these days people want choice, innovative products, great service, and are getting sick of the vanilla/home brands."