A fiction Daylesford Book by Sandra Broman

Local | Better Latte Than Never, Sandra Broman Book

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Nuns! Coffee! Mystery! Get back in the habit with this cosy crime novel set in beautiful Daylesford.

We’d like to introduce you to a Daylesford legend; Sandra Broman is an award-winning artist who lives and works in Daylesford, which is also happens to be the setting for her latest book: “Better Latte than Never”.

Former nuns, Audrey and Jill, are leaving convent life behind and now live with Audrey’s cantankerous old Aunt Ines while they navigate their new life in this charming Central Victorian town. But when a new friend is accused of murder, the former nuns step in with some very unorthodox detective methods.

You’ll find “Better Latte than Never” on the book shelves of any self-respecting Daylesford local, it’s a well-loved book club favourite, perfect holiday read and a great gift for friends or family. Could this be the lovechild of Sister Act and The Thursday Murder Club?