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Who wants an EGOT when you can have the GOTY? Give a very warm Daylesford Trading Co welcome to the 2021 Gift of the Year (GOTY)… Go Genius World: The Board Game!

Travelling with kids can be tricky, but the world is closer than ever with this engaging and educational board game. Players travel around the board collecting points as they answer general knowledge questions on everything from capitals, countries and continents to the tallest mountains and deepest oceans.

Once players reach 15 points, they can collect a Genius Stamp in their Go Genius passport. This great game is designed to support key stage one and two teaching and to
improve kids’ knowledge of our planet.

And did we mention this award-winning family board game is made with sustainable and recyclable materials? This is a game that will be loved by parents as much as their aspiring Amelia Earhart and/or Edmund Hillary. We love a win-win!

Key features:

  • 1 game board, 90 question cards, 18 forfeit cards, 2 dice, 4 playing pieces, passport, 4
  • Genius Stickers and Instructions.
  •  Zero-plastic packaging
  • The game and all pieces are made from sustainable and recyclable materials.
  • A winning gift for young explorers ages 7+.