Games | Scavanger Hunt for Kids

Games | Scavanger Hunt for Kids

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Roam at home and find all the items on your card in this super-fun, screen-free and self-directed game!

Scavenger Hunt for Kids Card Game is the classic game of search and find adapted for kids ages 6 and up. To play, turn over five cards and in two minutes, search the house for all sorts of stuff.

There are over 100 cards that will
have mini adventurers hunting high and low for all sorts of things like funny hats, round objects, anything that begins with the letter B and so much more.

Before you think “Oh, what a mess!”, players get a point for the items they find, and another one for putting it back. And who doesn’t love to see kids tidying up as they go?! The joy of this game is that it can be self-directed for play with siblings and friends or a whole lot of fun for all the family.

Product features:

An amazing indoor scavenger hunt for kids ages 6+.
Over 100 cards with items to find.
A handy tin for easy storage and portable play.