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Go Genius

Toys - Go Genius Maths - Stem Toy

Toys - Go Genius Maths - Stem Toy

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This board game is designed to help young children improve their grasp of mathematics.

The more you play, the better at maths you will become. Can you become hooked on maths? You bet you can, with a fun competitive game. Teacher’s choice, eco-friendly production, recyclable.

Is it a winner? 100% it is!

Key features: 

  • Improves and tests mathematical knowledge.
  • 2-4 players. Age 7+
  • Features FSC paper construction for durability and sustainability.
  • Includes gameboard, 90 question cards, 18 forfeit cards, 2 dice, 4 playing pieces, 1 Go Genius Passport, 4 genius stickers, and instructions.
  • Allows personalization of Go Genius Passport with genius stamps.
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