Local | Bush Bird Card Games

Local | Bush Bird Card Games

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Tweet tweet! A little birdy told me this is the most gorgeous pack of cards we’ve ever seen.

Avian aficionados and game playing enthusiasts will love this Bush Birds card game set with original artwork by local artist Bridget Farmer.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Bridget Farmer now calls Central Victoria home where she creates work inspired by Australia’s unique bird life.

This pack comes with 48 cards featuring 12 different Australian birds: White-browed Scrubwren, Red- browed Finch, White-winged Chough, Spotted Pardalote, Diamond Firetail, Scarlet Robin, Grey Shrikethrush, Brown Treecreeper, Golden Whistler, Dusky Woodswallow, White-plumed Honeyeater and the Fantailed Cuckoo.

The cards come with information about each of the birds, instructions for playing Go Fish (or is that Go Birding?!), snap and memory games. Lots of fun and an educational moment in one!

Product features

  • Original artwork by local artist Bridget Farmer.
  • 12 featured birds – created from dry point etchings hand coloured with watercolour paints.
  • 48 cards – perfect for memory games, snap and Go Fish.
  • Large cards – 9 x 13 cm