Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Picture Book

Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Picture Book

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“My name is Taylor Swift… and I was born in 1989!” (Era’s Tour)

Affordable! Collectible! Taylor Swift! This is Taylor Swift picture book to rule them all.

Is there anything Taylor Swift can’t do? There is no denying she is a supremely talented singing, songwriting, performing superstar, and now we can add fostering a love of reading to her long list of achievements!

Little Golden Books are a much-loved classic and their Taylor Swift biography by Wendy Loggia is an excellent introduction to nonfiction that is sure to inspire big dreams and a love of reading aloud. This affordable collectible even gets the seal of approval from Rolling Stone, who describe it as “A must-have for any Taylor Swift collection.

Key features: 
Little Golden Book Biography series.
Illustrated, child appropriate Taylor Swift biography.
24 pages.
Author: Wendy Loggia.