Toys | Tiny Hands Novelty Toy

Toys | Tiny Hands Novelty Toy

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You know what they say about tiny hands…. Tiny hands; mini mittens!

It’s a little trick up your sleeve! Prank your friends and keep the laughs coming with these hilarious tiny hands. Give a round of insignificant applause, play a teeny tiny violin, deliver an itty-bitty handshake or a puny salute.

The prank-tastic possibilities are endless.
These tiny hands pack a big punch when your real hands are hidden under a long sleeve shirt and the tiny hands stick out. A great gift for anyone who loves a giggle and a perfect inclusion in party bags, as a stocking stuffer or ‘just-because’ gift from cool aunties and uncles.

Product description:
Tiny prop hands.
A fun prop that makes everyone giggle.
A fun gift idea for all ages, perfect for party bags, parties and ‘just because’.