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Toys | Atomic Slime Lab

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Well, well, well. Looks who’s back in the slime-light!

Who loves slime kids toys? Everybody! Well, everybody under the age of 13 – making this Atomic Slime Lab an absolutely foolproof present for the young slime-ologist in your life. This super cool kit is boron free and has everything to make your own slime lab at home.

With this STEM kit you can make Metallic Galaxy Slime, Neon Blue Slime with Glitter, Glow in The Dark Slime, Neon Orange Atomic Brain Ball and a Neon Blue Atomic Brain Ball. Slime might be messy and seem to find its sticky way on to sofas and floors – but it’s educational too.

Slime helps young scientists learn about molecules and matter while they are deep in play and being creative. It sounds like a good time to us!

Product features:
  • 2 Large PET Tubs
  • 2 Rubber Balls
  • 5 Slime Powders
  • 2 Mesh Nets
  • Silver Glitter
  • 1 Plastic Ring
  • 50mL Measuring Cup
  • 3 Small PET Tubs
  • 2 Wires